Biden Administration Takes Global Lead in Cybersecurity

Following up on the administration’s national cyber strategy, released in March, 2023, in May, 2024, President Joe Biden State Department has rolled out its global cybersecurity strategy, intending to strengthen allies, and combat cyber threats from Russia, China, and non-state actors. The strategy also pledges that the U.S. and its allies will “reach consensus on guiding principles” around the development and use of AI technologies, including advancing “global norms” in this space, according to Politico.


Biden Administration Cements Closer Ties With Japan, Countering Increasing Chinese Presence In The Indo-Pacific

President Joe Biden hosted Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for a state dinner at the White House, part of his visit in which the US and Japan announced a number of important financial, technologicial, and military initiatives. The two nations will also welcome President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. for tri-lateral talks, strenghtening US presence in the Philippines, again, as part of an effort to offset China’s increasing presence in the area. Over 70 deals between the US and Japan were announced, including technology partnerships, and assistance from Japan on the development of high speed trains in the US. Manay of the initiatives are intended to address climate concerns, including a partnership in the development of fusion energy.


Biden Opposes Putin, Reinvigorates NATO, Defends Ukraine

President Joe Biden’s foreign policy initiatives start with repairing the damage done to NATO and the US involvement in NATO by Trump. The coalition Biden built around defending Ukraine has strengthened and expanded NATO, and has pushed back on Putin’s imperialist desires. The US took the lead in sanctions against Putin that have interfered with his war against Ukraine and helped change the balance of power. This, in spite of the stunning support for Putin the the Republican led House. This week, Hungary finally consented to allow Sweden to join NATO, making it official.

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